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After saving the nursing home of a bomb threat, Gito (Deddy Mahendra Desta) and Rojak (Judika Sihotang) acquainted with Abdur (Abdur Arsyad). They met again when he was given the task to develop candidate dept officers, under the command of Commander Dicky (Bucek).

Among the new kid, there Radit (Tarra Budiman) who forced his father so the clerk dept. Side (Enzy Storia) of small aspire to be a professional officer dept like his late father. Dipo (Dion Wiyoko) businessman son (Ferry Salim) which has a high social life, and terobesi to help people. Radit try to grab the attention side but the side is even interested in the same depot. Whereas Dipo has a boyfriend named Tisha (DJ Una).

Rojak about a mate who always pursued by his mother, Sondra Mak (Lina Marpaung), falls in love with Kirana (L Marissa Nasution) brother’s side since the first sight. While pursuing Novi Gito (Girindra Kara), fellow officers but failed to hold dept.

Dipo always be praised for smart and responsible. Radit opposite always scolded Commander Dick. It made Radit and Dipo odds. More complicated situation when my father came to the headquarters depot along Tisha, and ask Dipo stop. At the same time, there is a fire call in office buildings. A crazy man, Ariel (Volland Humonggio) set fire to the building and hostage Bos. Rojak the bruiser, can beat Ariel. While the thought Dipo side, so it is less harmful concentrations up to almost another officer. Commander Dick suspend side. Radit angry and decided to stop

Side issues, Radit and Dipo make Gito and Rojak want to do something. They set the strategy that all three can be reconciled and help cope with major floods that hit Jakarta, involving Commander Joe (Joe P Project) also Si Jago Merah car.

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